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In 1995 the first edition of our magazine 'The Big Red Machine' was published. In this we stated our aims, these still stand firm and every issue we have enlarged on these ideals and continue to get bigger & better . . . .

In fact Issue 4 (Out Now!) will be our best yet.

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The Big Red Machine - Issue 1 The Big Red Machine - Issue 2 The Big Red Machine - Issue 3
Issue One Issue Two Issue Three

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The Big Red Machine Issue 4

' Excerpt from Issue One : Our Aims ' (1995)

'The aim of the show book is to provide a souvenir of the four main bike shows held in the U.K. each year.

In consequent issues of 'The Big Red Show Book' we will be pushing further and further into Europe and eventually as far a field as the United States.

By doing this we hope to give you an insight into equivalent shows held in other countries as well as the potential to provide ticket details on such events.'