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Neigbour's Way of life     

The" Neighbour" lives in Eindhoven Holland.  Once he had this vision in the future;

Seeing himself on a harley. Free and without any fuckin trouble on his mind. And the journey began.

In and out harleystores, surfin on the internet, visiting meetings and so on. Now 6 years from that dream I finally found the harley and everything falls in place

FXDWG it was!

Well you see 2000 is the miracle year for  Neighbour.

Besides the harley we also bought a new home and in October there will be giving birth to a

new little Neighbour . ( WOW !!)

we'll keep you posted !!


Neighbour rides a FXDWG  Dyna wide glide

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Greetings from the whole Neighbour family