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1 The empire strikes        

The year is 2003. The centennial celebrations of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company had been a major blast in the global bikerscene. Purely coincidental several governments decided that noise and emissionstandards for motorcycles weren't as important as they thought. Helmets were considered dangerous in more than one situation and the wearing was no longer forced on the biker populations around the world. Yes 2003 ought to become a year to remember. Harley-Davidson made a huge comeback on the world motorcycle-market towing the major European factories in their wake. The demands for nostalgia were incredible. Together the U.S. and Europe controlled 78% of the world market. Their big opponents, the four Japanese manufacturers combined in the Nippon/Densei Corporation did everything possible to fight back. From high-tech to plain copying, nothing seemed to work anymore.

by Nil Nobis Absurdum Wheel               

Wanna know the rest !! Join the icq-intrest group and find out about the battle between  Our HARLEY-DAVIDSON and NIPPON DENSEI CORPORATION


2 Harley get's destroyed by homemade -bomb !!

Jip it's the thruth. People there's this biker called Nil Nobis Absurdum Wheel. This dude has all the reason to be pissed. Once he had this beautiful H-D. Tigerprint on it, a real nice bike. One day he visits a friend and what do you think ?   The  front of the building, his bike's parked, collapses. No shit here are the pics !

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  So give Wheel your support and visit him on the icq : nr. 45131399