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Interactive Harley Davidson Club Members

To join; follow the hyperlink


     Name       icq-nr.                 Small photo                    Some details, more to find through i.c.q.

Renegade 62734001 fxdwg1.jpg (3427 bytes) The interactive h-d-clubmaster. Just looking for bikers who like to communicate and when this will work, who knows what the club will do in the future. But for now just fun behind your pc.
Bewnji 4972838 Didn't receive one yet He drives a 85 softail
Shurikhn 18180746 shurikhn1.jpg (40337 bytes) He is a 26y -old harley freak with harley in his blood. He rides a 99 black fatboy
Debbie 31107746 has to come soon Harley-mom with a '77 customsporty
Lophat 56591601 ? he rides a 200- fatboy and is getting ready to build a rigid-pan, so maybe give him some good advise !!
Animal 62038497 animal.jpg (7902 bytes) He's an American living in Japan. WOW. (Why) but no hard feelings he doesn't ride a j-motorcycle but a Harley, YES Maybe you should talk to him, and he could explain.
Arm HD 51888242 Always warm weather in Portugal, always in for a ride with a bro, join in
Enrico 69961909 self-maker Custom builder from North Carolina
Pan X Dora 70844409 will be a panhead Loves to ride with her husband on a 1949 PANHEAD, drinkin beer and chat
Wheel 45131399 wheelmoto.jpg (21768 bytes) Homemade EVO, has to rebuild after an explosion !! See the Story page
Hi one 31284138 owner of '97 sporty in Cinti Ohio
HD Outlaw 16678341 Net cruisin hd -freak
YZGI 21223617 Minnesota harleyrider
PCSV 84125191 Find out more about this mistery man
Shovel 85524972 English bro who builds custombikes
HD 78 82174862 Newy at icq, but a die hard biker, rides 20.000 miles a year on a twon cam bagger and shovel stroke
Ger Bear 24026284 fxd ....... Rides a dyna from '99. Always like to talk. Try to make some contact people , he's a fun guy
Sweetangel 62265540 still waiting She is a real harley-maniac, but her first harley is yet to come. Hope is everything , one day it will be that day.

Soon there will be more options in this website for the members !!     so join.

If you have ideas, please feel free to mail me.