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Because Harley is a lifestyle and we can't spend 24 hours on the bike, we created an other way to kill the time and this, in the harley way.   So when it rains or you come home from work, see our site !!

Check Out the large section of Club-links with small description ....

See links to:    Bandidos, 3%ers, IOOB mc, Ironbutt, Dombson, XLXTC, Wolkens, Leopoldsburg, Hill Climbers, bikerhut, Top100, Top50, many webrings, icq, etc... 
Meetings, clubs,links,stores, etc.etc.                                  We will try to keep it up to date.

We also invite people to react. If you got a story you think is intresting enough for the web, mail it to

us and we will put it on this site.

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                       This banner you can put on your website to support I.H.D.C.      Thanks !

See Hill-Climber report, top 50, meetingplaces,icq.,stories !!!!!

Win a price !!!! See harley-parking only  !!!!!

Awards I.H.D.C. won !!! Hit them and see where they come

from !

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And if it's no trouble please sign my guestbook in the leftborder

So, we'll see you around, Ciaou     your  'Neighbour'

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