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Meeting-places             Benelux

If anyone has info about places please email me, thanx


Thunder Roadhouse    Stratemseind 105-107            Eindhoven   0031-40-2448890

Pit Stop    Steenweg op Mol 37  Turnhout 0032-14-726832    

Highway Cafe   Wezelbaan 137  Schaffen - Diest 0032-13-328154


H.O.G. Meeting Places

Verzetslaan 3     across the MC-Donalds   Purmerend

Kareldoormanstraat 278 Rotterdam

Oud Loodrechtsedijk 207    Loosdrecht

Oude markt   14     Roosendaal

Gentseweg 556   next to pizza hut   Waregem




(please if you got the rest of the info mail)

H.O.G. Den Dakota   Roosendaal









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