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New from H-D in the year 2001

In the year 2001 H-D Inc. made some adjustments.
Brand new is the pre-installed alarmsystem !!

All softails have injection on board and there's still the option to buy a carburetor engine.

Voor de nederlandse markt zal alleen de Fat Boy, Heritage en Softail Deuce geleverd worden met deze injectie.

The Sportsters have High Contact Ratiocamshafts. This results in a positive way on the 'harley sound ' of the sporster family.

Almost all the models have brand new designed 'dunlop'tires. They have the H-D name written on the cheek.

In America a new model is introduced : FXDXT a replacement for the convertible.


new designed sidestands on the dyna's, Dyna low rider has completely changed, etc. etc. 

There are much more newies, but for the details see:

For dutch info see New Models.

English see


Don't hang me if I forgot any newies, just see the links !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!